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It's so easy to build up a collection of hundreds and hundreds of bookmarks in Safari, and so easy to fall into bad habits of not organising them properly. By using a combination of Safari Bookmark folders and some clever tricks with descriptions, you'll soon be able to navigate your bookmarks in a flash and find any bookmark in an instant.

In this tip video, Don gives a refresher on creating bookmarks in Safari for Mac, along with some invaluable tips on organising and searching.

The full tutorial covers

  • Bookmark Folders
  • Creating Bookmarks
  • Using Descriptions
  • Organising Bookmarks

Video Tutorial Comments

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David Garcia

Great video, and I learned some new things. However, I have more than a few bookmarks, in folders, and when I go save a bookmark, via command-d or share --> Add bookmark, it uncollapses every folder making it difficult to travel through the tree-like folder structure to save the bookmark. Is there some way around this? That is, to keep what the side-bar does and only open a folder as I go?


Don McAllister

Hi David, I see what you mean. In your case, it's probably easier to open the sidebar, then drag the URL from the Search bar to the folder that you want to place it it. That way no folders are opened and you can see a 'compressed" view in the sidebar.

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