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Tip - Markdown Basics

Date : 24th May 2022

Duration: 15:37

Show ref: SCOM1154

Writing in plain text using Markdown formatting has become increasingly popular, and is now supported by a wide variety of text editors and apps, and even some web services. We thought it would be a good idea to have Lee go over Markdown syntax basics to get you going if you're new to it, or perhaps as a refresher if you're already using Markdown in your everyday writing.

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Markdown and more...

Date : 28th January 2011

Duration: 01:01:21

Show ref: SCOM0284

Another double length show this week, packed with all sorts of information. The full, double length show is only available to ScreenCastsOnline Extra! members, the free version of the show is just the first 20 minutes or so.

This week’s show has a theme but covers lots of different tools and technologies - something for everybody!

The main theme of the show is Markdown - a simple formatting language that allows you to use plain text files for all your writing on your Mac, iPad or iPhone. As it’s based on pure text files, Markdown gives you complete freedom and flexibility in the way you create documents and in the way you can share them with colleagues, family and friends.