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Media Apps in Monterey

Date: 22nd October 2021

Duration: 42:22

Show ref: SCOM1093

macOS Monterey includes several applications to help you manage and enjoy various types of media. This week, Todd walks you through the main features of the Music, Podcasts, TV, and Books apps on the Mac. These apps have gone through some subtle but important changes over the last few years and this fresh look brings you up to speed.

Todd also covers the benefits of AirPlay 2 for sharing audio throughout your home.

Fission for Mac

Date: 2nd July 2021

Duration: 30:56

Show ref: SCOM1061

Fission is an audio editor that is equally at ease with lossless and lossy (compressed) audio file formats. It is designed with speed and ease of use in mind for editing audio, and provides useful tools like trim, split and the combining of audio files into one. Fission can also handle specialized file formats such as iPhone ringtones, chapterized AAC files, and offers direct publishing to SoundCloud.

In this screencast, you get a complete tour of this nifty utility with Allison as your guide.

Apple Media Apps

Date: 17th July 2020

Duration: 49:07

Show ref: SCOM0961

When Apple transitioned away from iTunes to a series of application in macOS Catalina, the way you manage your media changed in several ways. We briefly covered these changes and new apps in the past, but we felt it was time to take a deeper dive.

In this screencast, Todd gives you a tour of each one, beginning with Music. He also goes over the Home app, which can help you manage your audio sources, such as HomePod and AirPlay 2 speakers.

Audio Hijack Update and Loopback

Date: 29th May 2020

Duration: 40:22

Show ref: SCOM0947

Loopback from Rogue Amoeba allows you to combine application audio and physical audio input devices together to be used within other applications. For example, combining the Music app with your microphone for a video call. You don't need a complicated mixer if you learn to use Loopback.

Allison also revisits Audio Hijack and shows you new features that enable you to capture the audio from special sources like Siri, Text to Speech, and VoiceOver. She also takes a very brief look at the new capabilities to broadcast Internet radio using Audio Hijack's Broadcast and Live Streaming options.

Tip - MusicHarbor on iOS

Date: 26th May 2020

Duration: 10:05

Show ref: SCOM0946

Lee shows you an application in this week's tip that has helped him discover new music from his favourite artists, track upcoming releases as well as find out about concerts taking place close to home. MusicHarbor includes all of this and more.


Date: 3rd April 2020

Duration: 31:55

Show ref: SCOM0931

SoundSource from Rogue Amoeba takes your Mac's audio capabilities to the next level with a host of flexible options. This week, Allison shows you how it can route audio to different outputs on a per-app basis, change the volume independently by app, and even process the audio with equalizers and other built-in Audio Unit effects.

Rogue Amoeba builds accessibility into their apps from the ground up, and Allison gives you a demonstration of how SoundSource can be used with VoiceOver on macOS. You also learn how to use Magic Boost and the new Volume Overdrive, as well as getting around the SoundSource window using keyboard shortcuts.

Tip - Dark Noise for iOS

Date: 10th March 2020

Duration: 07:59

Show ref: SCOM0924

In this episode, Rosemary introduces you to Dark Noise, a refined ambient noise app on iOS.

You can listen to one of 42 different noises, set up a sleep timer, and tweak a whole host of settings to make the app work just the way you want.

iReal Pro

Date: 30th August 2019

Duration: 46:47

Show ref: SCOM0869

iReal Pro is an iOS and Mac-based program to help musicians of all levels, even aspiring ones, make better music. It simulates a three-piece band that can accompany you as you practice and also lets you collect chord charts from your favorite songs for reference. iReal Pro also allows you to export your songs as chord charts or audio files that you can share with other musicians.

In this episode, Mike helps you discover iReal Pro on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. You learn the basic playback options, how to change styles, keys, and tempo, and how to use Practice Mode to help you develop your skills. Mike wraps up by showing you a real-world example: Exporting a song from iReal Pro and using it alongside a home video in iMovie.

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Tip - macOS - iTunes Views

Date: 21st March 2017

Duration: 04:27

Show ref: SCOM0614

This week's tip is all about using iTunes views to access your music.

The main views all look very pretty, but they aren't very information dense, at least, not enough for my liking.

In this tip, I cover the main views, but focus mainly on the Song view, and take a look at using the Column Browser. The Column Browser allows you to display more information on screen, and allows you to filter your music with a greater degree of control.

Using Genres is a bit of a blunt instrument to organise and categorise your music. What if you have a ton of Rock tracks but many many different "sub genres"? Well it's possible to create your own "sub genres" using the "Groupings" feature.

All is revealed in this week's tip show.

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Updates - Hazel, Ulysses & Garageband Live Loops

Date: 26th August 2016

Duration: 41:22

Show ref: SCOM0572

One of the problems of keeping on top of the latest developments in Mac and iOS is the sheer number of updates to apps over time. These can range from minor to major updates, and are designed to fix issues or introduce brand new functionality. So for this week, I’m going to take a look at a number apps that I’ve previously covered on ScreenCastsOnline, and bring you up to speed with the latest updates. 

The three apps are Hazel, Ulysses & Garageband Live Loops

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Plex - Home Videos, Sharing & Synology - Part 3

Date: 18th December 2015

Duration: 39:39

Show ref: SCOM0535

The third and final Plex instalment. Following on from the previous Plex episodes, I take a further look at some of the benefits of a full Plex Pass subscription.

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Plex Media Server & Apple TV and iOS Apps

Date: 20th November 2015

Duration: 46:12

Show ref: SCOM0531

With the advent of the Plex Apple TV app, Plex has suddenly become hugely popular with the Mac community.

Use Plex to organise, play and share your local media library.

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Apple Music - Under The Hood

Date: 7th August 2015

Duration: 31:40

Show ref: SCOM0515

Apple Music has now been out for a couple of months, and it’s still the cause of much frustration for some people.

There seems to be a deep misunderstanding of some of the core concepts, as well as a feeling that Apple is perhaps expecting too much of iTunes, by shoehorning too many features into this very old application.

In this show I’m going to try and dispel some of the FUD - that’s Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, that seems to be prevalent, and try and explain in detail what Apple Music is, and how the various components work together.

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Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

Date: 24th July 2015

Duration: 14:24

Show ref: SCOI0227

Musixmatch Lyrics Finder is a great free app to enable you to view lyrics for the currently playing Apple Music track. It’s actually three components: an iOS App, a Today Widget and an Apple Watch app.

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Apple Music & iTunes 12.2

Date: 3rd July 2015

Duration: 31:42

Show ref: SCOM0510

Apple Music is here! 

Apple Music is is the latest offering from Apple combining three new services - a new music streaming service, a new global Radio channel and Connect - a new way for fans to follow and interact with artists.

Launched just a few short days ago, this episode brings you up to speed with installing and configuring this new service. 

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Apple MUSIC for iOS

Date: 3rd July 2015

Duration: 28:20

Show ref: SCOI0224

MUSIC is here and it’s made for iOS!

MUSIC is the latest offering from Apple combining three new services - a new music streaming service, a new global Radio channel and Connect - a new way for fans to follow and interact with artists. Whilst MUSIC is great on the Mac, it’s even better on iOS.

Launched just a few short days ago, this episode brings you up to speed with installing and configuring this new service on iOS.

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Apple Watch - Part 3 - Email, Photos & Music

Date: 15th May 2015

Duration: 15:48

Show ref: SCOI0217

The third tutorial taking a look at the new Apple Watch, in which I delve more deeply into some of the new features, namely Email, Photos and Music .

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Garageband on the Mac - Part 3

Date: 13th March 2015

Duration: 28:35

Show ref: SCOM0494

The third and final episode covering the new features of GarageBand for the Mac.

In this episode, I take a look at using the built in keyboards and connecting external keyboard controllers. I also cover organising your tracks and using track automation to control volume, pans and much more. Finishing off with a look at the various ways you can export your finished masterpiece.

As a special bonus, I also include a section on using your iPad to control Garageband on your Mac - pretty cool!

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Audio Hijack 3

Date: 6th March 2015

Duration: 30:08

Show ref: SCOM0493

Take a great application and make it even better! That's what Rogue Amoeba have done with their flagship Audio application - Audio Hijack 3.

Now renamed as simply Audio Hijack, the "Pro" label has been dropped as the application should really be considered as an all purpose tool, rather than a Pro tool. Further to this, they've simplified the user interface and included a number of presets for different project types to get you up and running quickly.

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Garageband on the Mac - Part 2

Date: 27th February 2015

Duration: 35:54

Show ref: SCOM0492

Continuing on from last week, I take a look at some of the new features of GarageBand for the Mac.

This episode explores the brand new Drummer feature, as well as recording live instruments such as Guitar and Bass. I also take a look at how you can fix sloppy or problematic recordings using Flex Time and Groove Matching.