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Marvis Pro has been a popular Apple Music player for power users for a number of years now. Due to the level of complexity that you can go into with the app, Lee has always given it a wide berth. Until now.

Marvis Pro allows you to tailor your Apple Music experience to your own liking, allowing you to create your own sections, groups, tabs and even redesign your Home Page so it only shows the music you want to see. In this video, Lee teaches you all of the basics required to start using Marvis Pro.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Interface [00:01:51]
  • Getting Album and Artist Info [00:05:35]
  • Music Player Controls [00:08:55]
  • Searching in Marvis Pro [00:11:03]
  • Working with Tabs in the Sidebar [00:12:01]
  • Configuring Tab Content [00:13:49]
  • Adding Quick Actions and Likes [00:17:34]
  • Customising Displayed Metadata [00:18:27]
  • Using Smart Conditions [00:21:24]
  • Creating Tabs from Templates [00:24:06]
  • Using Smart Rules [00:26:51]
  • The Home Tab [00:29:00]
  • Section Folders [00:30:39]
  • Key Settings [00:34:23]

App Store Links:

Marvis - App Store

Show Links:

Marvis - Developer Site

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Greg Wagoner

This was a helpful video on using Marvis Pro! I hope you'll someday create a video similar to this one but focused on Songs instead of Albums.

Lee Garrett

Hi Greg - thanks for the feedback, it's greatly appreciated. I've done a lot of videos here now and that was definitely one of the hardest to outline because there was a fine line to draw with how detailed you can get. I think a Tip video that focuses on songs, but referring back to this one, is a good idea for the future. I still need to do a lot of tweaking to my own setup first though, can't quite settle :)

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