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Obsidian Canvas

Date : 24th May 2024

Duration: 27:06

Show ref: SCOM1363

Infinite canvas apps are great for brainstorming and idea development, but they become even more powerful when you link them to your existing library of notes. In this screencast, Mike walks you through using Obsidian Canvas to make more of your notes and ideas inside your Obsidian vault.

You learn about the basic features, including the different types of media that can be added to Obsidian Canvas. Mike also introduces you to a few Community Plugins that make Obsidian Canvas even more useful.

How Lee Manages Projects

Date : 17th May 2024

Duration: 39:16

Show ref: SCOM1361

When Lee appeared as a special guest on the Mac Power Users podcast, he talked about his Project Management workflows and how he uses his Mac to keep all the plates spinning.  In this video, Lee builds on that to help visualise the process.  You see how he is able to set up processes and systems for management using tools like OmniFocus, Obisidian, DEVONthink and Anybox, along with a few other utilities.  You also get a high-level overview of how he leverages MindNode, OmniOutliner and OmniPlan to plan a project effectively from start to finish.It's very much a high-level peek into some processes that you may find useful in your own work and projects.

Tip - Properties in Obsidian

Date : 22nd August 2023

Duration: 11:20

Show ref: SCOM1284

Our resident Obsidian expert is back! This time around, Mike explains how the new Properties feature can help in your day to day use of Obsidian by making it a breeze to add more information in the form of mediate to your notes. Properties does this in an intuitive and interactive way. You also learn how to display that information in the sidebar.

Obsidian Plugins Starter Kit

Date : 6th May 2022

Duration: 29:46

Show ref: SCOM1149

Obsidian is more than just a text editor. By using the app's powerful plugin infrastructure, you can extend the capabilities of the app in some pretty amazing ways. In this episode Obsidian Power User Mike Schmitz walks you through installing and setting up the Daily Notes core plugin, which he uses to introduce three popular and very powerful community plugins: Calendar, Kanban, and Review.

Obsidian Basics

Date : 10th December 2021

Duration: 37:17

Show ref: SCOM1107

Obsidian is another entry in the long line of personal knowledge management applications. It's one of the most feature rich, supported by a passionate community of users and plugin developers.

Lee runs through how to create your first Obsidian vault and how it's constructed. He then explains how to create and format your notes, link notes together as well as apply tags and search for them as your vault grows. You also learn about themes submitted by members of the community, and how to apply them.