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Faced with the gargantuan task of digitising thousands of photos, Don decided to make this project-based tutorial to assist if you are ever faced with such a task. The secret is the speed and quality of scanning along with capable automation tools to make the whole process easier.

In this screencast, Don takes you on a tour of his chosen method along with the tools he uses along the way, from scanning his images all the way to a final import into Photos.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Scanning Photos with iPhone
  • Scanning Using a Flatbed Scanner
  • ScanSnap for Photo Scanning
  • Retrobatch
  • Organising into Albums
  • Adding Additional Metadata
  • Importing into Apple Photos
  • PowerPhotos

Show Links: Import Folders into Apple Photos - Applescript

Retrobatch - Flying Meat Software

PowerPhotos - Fat Cat Software

ScanSnap Scanners - Website

Photomyne - Website

PhotoScan - Website

Video Tutorial Comments

(6 comments posted)

Dag Inge Fjeld

Great screencast!
I have been hesitant using a ScanSnap to scan pictures. (I own an old ScanSnap S1500M)
Have Fujitsu done something "magical" with their latest models when it comes to pictures? I would happily invest in a ScanSnap iX1600 if they now can be used to finally scan all of my boxes of old pictures.



Don McAllister

Thanks Dag, I don't think they've done anything particularly magical. It just seems to work. The pictures I'm scanning aren't of particularity good quality due to their age so I can't see any difference between the can and the original. Might be different if you have recent high definition photos - I would imagine it would still be of acceptable quality.

Colin Campbell

Really enjoyed that one Don, thank you. Would be nice to see a similar process for slides. I have a big suitcase full of my late father-in-law's 35mm and 2 inch glass slides - I started scanning them on my flatbed but after 3 days had managed only 7 of the smaller boxes out of more than 50 so gave up!


Don McAllister

Ah! I have no slides so can't recommend anything. I did see some dedicated slide scanners when doing my research so I would suggest you do some digging!

Theo Kleijkers

Thanks for this one. I wasn't aware that my ScanSnap 1500 was able to scan photos that fast and good quality.
Acorn 7 & Retrobatch Pro are worth the money, thanks for hinting to these applications, I was looking for this a long time


Don McAllister

Yes, I was quite surprised at how much it speeded up the process. Glad you found the screencast and the apps useful.

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