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Tip - PhotoSync

Date : 26th October 2021

Duration: 13:13

Show ref: SCOM1094

This week Don revisits PhotoSync, an old faithful and still his go-to app for transferring images and videos between multiple devices and destinations.

Instead of relying on slow clunky iCloud sync to transfer media from your iPhone to your Mac, PhotoSync does it in a split second. You can also set up different types of triggers to automatically back up new photos and videos from your iPhone to multiple locations, and Don shows you real-world examples in this screencast.

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Easy Photo and Video Transfers with PhotoSync

Date : 22nd May 2014

Duration: 16:20

Show ref: SCOI0164

PhotoSync allows you to transfer photos and videos to your other devices (as well as most cloud based services) in an instant. Simply select your images or videos, select your target and boom!

With support for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android as well as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and more, PhotoSync removes any friction in transferring your media.