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Adobe has been hard at work refining their suite of photo management and editing products. Lightroom (formerly Lightroom CC) has seen a number of major edits over the last few years. In fact in many ways Lightroom has caught up to the Lightroom Classic application, making it a more viable option for photographers to use who are on the go. With Todd as your guide, you discover how Lightroom has evolved and take a peek at many of its recent improvements.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Creative Cloud Plans [00:01:00]
  • Interface Changes [00:02:51]
  • Changes to the Library [00:04:57]
  • Metadata Changes [00:10:18]
  • Search & Filter Changes [00:11:44]
  • Preset Updates [00:13:41]
  • Changes to Editing [00:16:05]
  • New Photo Enhance [00:18:38]
  • New Masking Features [00:20:13]
  • Photo Merge [00:23:09]
  • Batch Editing [00:24:35]
  • Sharing Albums [00:25:46]
  • Sharing to Discover [00:29:16]

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