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Adobe recently announced some changes to it's Creative Cloud options for Lightroom. With users moving more and more to mobile devices, Adobe decided to go towards a mobile-first solution for Lightroom. In the process, they've separated their desktop and cloud-based products, calling them Lightroom Classic for the desktop version and Lightroom CC for the cloud-based one. This has caused some confusion not only over the names of each of the products but also which one to use in your photography workflow. With that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to do an update show on Lightroom.

In this screencast, we will look at the differences between the two versions of Lightroom, and go over some of the feature updates and user interface changes in each. We'll also take a look at some ways you can use features from both the desktop and CC versions in your photo workflow, using a real-world example.

The full tutorial covers

  • Classic vs. CC
  • Lightroom Classic: Increased Import Speed
  • Lightroom Classic: Luminance Range Mask
  • Lightroom Classic: Color Range Mask
  • Lightroom CC Interface
  • Lightroom CC: Importing Photos
  • Lightroom CC: Cloud Sync & Settings
  • Lightroom CC: Photo Views & Metadata
  • Lightroom CC: Adding Metadata
  • Lightroom CC: Editing Panel
  • Lightroom CC: Selective Adjustments
  • Lightroom CC: Organizing Photos
  • Lightroom CC: Sharing on the Web
  • Lightroom CC: Search
  • Additional Features in Lightroom CC for iOS
  • Lightroom Classic & CC Workflows

App Store Links:

Adobe Lightroom CC - iOS App Store

Adobe Lightroom Classic & CC - Adobe

Video Tutorial Comments

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Gerson Rothenberg

Brilliantly done! I'm familiar with LR and Todd nailed it with his comments and recommendations. I've seen lots of tutorials from others but he gets to the meat of it succinctly and accurately.

Phil Hershkowitz

Does Adobe Sensei recognize faces?

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