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One of the ways you can save your memories is by creating physical books, calendars, and more out of your photos. In Apple Photos, you can create projects using extensions from different companies to do just that. In this tutorial, Allison uses her Mac to explain how to install these extensions from the App Store to make projects, and then takes a closer look at two of them: Mimeo Photos and Motif. For her project, she creates a photo book and walks you through the many options each service offers to make your photo book memorable.

The full tutorial covers:

  • App Store [00:02:04]
  • Installing an App Extension [00:03:43]
  • Managing Extensions [00:05:08]
  • Mimeo Photos Interface [00:06:52]
  • Adding and Manipulating Images [00:08:22]
  • Text Fields [00:13:52]
  • Layouts [00:14:25]
  • Background [00:16:17]
  • Borders [00:16:53]
  • Final Options [00:18:09]
  • Motif [00:19:25]
  • Interface Layout [00:21:10]
  • Design Options [00:23:24]
  • Keystrokes [00:24:51]
  • Adjusting Images [00:26:21]
  • Magic Resize [00:27:24]

App Store Links:

Mimeo Photos


Show Links:

Website - Mimeo Photos

Website - Motif Photos

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