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Modern-day photo management usually involves choosing an app and then managing all of the metadata for your photos within it. Using that metadata across applications is sometimes problematic because that information lives inside the original application and cannot always be shared easily.

HoudahGeo 6 is a program that streamlines the process of adding geocode and other metadata to your files. It can communicate with photo apps like Photos and Lightroom to make sure any changes made to your files show up inside those applications as well.

After demonstrating how to get your photos in the application, Todd Olthoff covers all of the geocoding and metadata options, how to add that data to your files, and then shows you how to send this information back to your photo library.

The full tutorial covers

  • Installation and Overview
  • Load: Camera Import
  • Load: Import from Finder
  • Load: Import from Other Applications
  • Load: Camera Setup
  • Load: Using a Reference Image
  • Load: Importing Track Logs
  • Load: Import from GPS Device
  • Process: Interface Overview
  • Process: Geocode Using GPS Data
  • Process: Geocode from Reference Photos
  • Process: Geocode Using Google Earth
  • Process: Geocode Manually
  • Process: Reverse Geocode
  • Process: Altitude Lookup
  • Output: EXIF/XMP Export
  • Output: Notify Photos Library
  • Output: Google Earth Export
  • Output: KML Export
  • Output: Flickr Upload

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