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We all love to post images on social media and often we're trying to figure out how to gain more followers to get more reach. One of the ways you can increase your audience is by adding descriptions to your images so that visually impaired people can enjoy them, too. These descriptions have different names: alt tags, alt text, alternative text, descriptions, or sometimes simply captions.In this tutorial, Allison teaches you how to add alt text in several social media platforms using her iPhone. You also learn how to use a free application called Be My Eyes to add incredibly good captions for your images using AI, saving you the trouble of thinking them up yourself.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Alt Text - Without and With [00:00:42]
  • Slack [00:03:24]
  • Facebook [00:06:25]
  • Instagram [00:09:40]
  • Mastodon [00:11:32]
  • Share Sheet and Alt Tags [00:14:45]
  • Discord [00:15:43]
  • Threads [00:16:53]
  • Let Be My Eyes Write Your Alt Text (Bonus) [00:20:25]
  • Mona for Mastodon [00:26:21]

App Store Links:

Be My Eyes - App Store

Show Links:

Be My Eyes - Home

Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

James S

If only all apps would name the text field the same thing (eg. "Add Description (ALT text)") and make their character limit 1500 for all, as it would be **a lot** clearer to all users which field is the correct one for this. Also, it's strange Apple really don't yet have a native field for ALT text in the Photos app (on both macOS and iOS/iPadOS), which can then be sent with image social uploads.

The "Be My Eyes" app gave a truly amazingly accurate auto-description! If there's anything Apple should Sherlock, it's this level of AI accuracy, as it'd highly encourage people to add ALT text in the first place (although being able to edit the text afterwards in BMY might be an idea for improvement to the devs here).

Great video, so well done Allison. ;-)

James S

*correction: BMY = BME

Allison Sheridan

Thanks for the kind words, James. It was my goal to help people to recognize the right field by showing so many permutations. It also illustrates exactly your point. The phrase "Image descriptions" has more meaning to people who don't know about this, but alt text aka alternative text has more meaning for blind folks. So we're stuck with all these different options.

I agree also about Apple adding auto-descriptions. If they can identify everything from dog breeds to flowers to national monuments, they can write the descriptions. Heck, today I searched Photos for the word "prism" and it found a photo I took of the carpet because the window was acting as a prism and had made a little rainbow on the carpet. They KNOW, right?

I'm going to choose to be happy that so much progress has been made in the last 5 years or so that it's possible and easier than ever before, and enjoy the future we can see with AI.

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