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If you love to take photos and have done so for a while, it's likely that they're spread out in a bunch of different places: on your Mac, on external drives or within a specific photo application, like Apple's Photos or maybe Lightroom.Peakto by CYME software focuses on bringing all of those sources under one roof, and gives you the tools to manage that collection. Like so many other apps these days, Machine Learning is a bit part of its experience, especially when searching through your various catalogs. If you have trouble organizing your photos, Peakto may be just what you need. Join Todd as he guides you through its many features.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation & Setup [00:02:26]
  • Adding Catalogs & Folders [00:04:52]
  • Navigating Your Photos [00:09:25]
  • Working with Metadata [00:20:15]
  • Search Using AI [00:23:01]
  • Editing using Peakto [00:25:59]
  • Export Options [00:29:07]

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Peakto - App Store

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Peakto - Home

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