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Finding the right solution for working with your photos on the Mac can be difficult with many options available on the App Store. One of the best options already exists on every Mac: Photos.

Photos has been growing over the past few years, adding more features and options for organizing, editing, and sharing your images. Since we haven't had a look at Photos in a while, this week Todd is giving you a fresh tour of the app running in macOS 11 Big Sur.

On behalf of all of us at ScreenCastsOnline to all who celebrate it, Merry Christmas.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Choosing Your Library
  • Importing From Your Camera
  • Importing From the Finder
  • Organization by Time
  • Album Organization
  • Organizing Manually
  • Smart Albums
  • Working with Photo Metadata
  • People, Places and Favorites
  • Memories
  • Editing Your Photos
  • Crop
  • Filters
  • Adjust
  • Editing with External Applications
  • Searching Through Your Library
  • Sharing Your Photos
  • Projects
  • iCloud Photos

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Video Tutorial Comments

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Martin Turner

Great video Todd; but I will still eschew this app. I got weary of Apple deciding how my photos should be organized and how I often had to struggle to find what I wanted, so I use Lightroom and Capture One Pro to manage my photos. Also, I really dislike how iCloud photos are still handled; i.e., if you just take a couple of shots on your iPhone, they get uploaded before you decide if you want them uploaded! That plus the fact that iCloud storage outside the US is really expensive, one can get iCloud photo library bloat really quickly!
A much better alternative to iCloud for iPhone photos is to either use AirDrop to transfer the photos YOU want or an app like Photosync which makes managing YOUR photos much easier. Apple really needs to come up with a better way of sending photos to could more under one's control; I know, how about applying AI THERE???

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