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Midjourney is another AI-powered service that allows you to create a huge range of stunning images, including photo realistic landscapes, people, cartoons, sketches, logos and more. It's fairly simple to operate, but not as straightforward to get started. So, in this tip, Don walks you through the entire process of creating your Discord and Midjourney accounts, along with generating your first images.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Set Up Discord and Midjourney Accounts [00:00:38]
  • Create Your First Images [00:04:31]
  • Generating an Illustration [00:08:11]

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Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

John Russell

Worth noting that any image you create is fully editable in Affinity products, Adobe products, etc. Also, one of my first tries turned out so great that I sent it away for commercial printing on metal at 30" by 30". Sell your holdings in stock photo companies ????


Don McAllister

Hi John, That's some great feedback. I think stock photos are dead in the water now.

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