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Tip - Pocket Redesign

Date : 20th June 2023

Duration: 07:03

Show ref: SCOM1266

It's been quite a while since we looked at the popular Read-it-later service Pocket. Since that time the iOS version has undergone a redesign that focuses a lot more on discovering new content as opposed to consuming articles you have saved. In this short video, Lee walks you through the new interface on iPhone and shows you how to discover content you like, that may very well have passed you by otherwise.

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Date : 6th March 2020

Duration: 41:14

Show ref: SCOM0923

In this video, Lee walks you through a popular Read It Later service that has been around for a long time, and was covered here last in 2013, and that's Pocket.

We don't always have time to read articles as we discover them, so sending them to a service like Pocket for reading at our leisure enables us to maximise the time that we have. You learn how to add content, discover new articles, organise them with tags, and consume them by either reading or listening. Lee also shows you how to view your collection using filtered lists, share content with friends, and much more.