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DEVONthink has long been a favorite database application on the Mac due to its useful features and stellar search capabilities. The previous companion iOS application allowed you to take your databases with you, but it did not have feature parity with its macOS counterpart.

Enter DEVONthink To Go 3 for iOS, which adds a number of key features previously only available on the Mac version. In this screencast, Todd takes you on a tour of the app and shows you how someone might use DEVONthink To Go as their primary database on iOS, separate from the desktop application.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation & Setup
  • Interface Overview
  • Adding Files: The Files App
  • Drag & Drop
  • Using the Share Sheet
  • Smart Groups & Databases
  • Moving Items
  • Creating Groups
  • Working with Documents: Editing
  • OCR
  • Document Types
  • Using Tags
  • Searching Your Databases
  • Settings

App Store Links:

DEVONthink To Go 3 - iOS App Store

Video Tutorial Comments

(8 comments posted)

Paul Davis

Excellent. Thank you Todd. Ant recommendations on how to transfer to DEVONthink on the Mac? Thanks again.

[email protected]
Greensboro, GA, USA

Alan Legg

Thanks Todd, I've had DEVONthink To Go since it first launched but struggled to find a use for it. The sync has improved, I moved my databases on the Mac to iCloud (CloudKit) and after some issues with the encryption key I managed to get them to sync. DTTG can now see the databases synced from the Mac and selectively sync those to my iPad/iPhone and optionally download the indexes only. My only gripe is that it doesn't allow you to edit Rich Text on iOS.

Richard Bush

Thank you, Todd. This was a wonderful overview. I am a long-time user of DevonThink to Go.

Mickey Tee

OMG.... all I wanted to do, was find out 'how' to sync over Bonjour and I got barely 3 sentences about it....


Alan Legg

Have a look at the built-in help, there isn't a lot to do for Bonjour. You can make your Mac the server and enable incoming connections and provide a password. Then on your iPad or iPhone when in DEVONthink To Go you should be able to see the server, enter the password and you can start syncing your data.

I've used this in the past but switched to syncing over iCloud because I have access to my data when not connected to my network where my Mac is located, or when my Mac is off.


Mickey Tee

Actually, it was deceptively difficult when I didn't know how to do it... but once I found the answer, it seemed relatively straight forward...

Since I can't post a screenshot here... I'll send a link to the page I eventually found the answer.... for any other intrepid searchers:


Mickey Tee

Although iCloud seems like a great option... I already have over 100 leeches tethered to my bank account sucking out monthly fees.... iCloud isn't one of them.... and neither is DropBox... so, the lack of options for this kind of cloud sync'ing make a joke out of the so called 'feature' in DEVONthink.... it's almost a deal breaker.... for an app that almost purports to be the 'Swiss army knife' of productivity....

Alan Legg

Glad to hear that you got it working and thanks for sharing the page that helped you.

To be fair, the DEVONthink team have given us a great productivity tool without the sync. However you do need to sync multiple devices at some point and they have provided many more options for sync than any other app that I have worked with and sits on whatever you have available, paid or free.

If you have a Synology NAS then they have a package for WebDAV, it's a lot more involved in setting that up but you can make it work like a cloud server. You can also find WebDAV servers for the Mac, so if you have a Mac mini that you are using as a server then you can make use of that in a similar way. This saves you running DEVONthink on your Mac all of the time.

I guess the advantage for me with iCloud is that I have a paid account already that I share with my family. All the iPhones, iPads and Macs that the family own use it for backup and document storage, so adding a few databases is relatively inexpensive. The other added advantage is that I don't need to look after the data storage and backup side of things, I trust Apple to do that for me, so the small fee I pay monthly is outweighed by the feeling of security that I get for my data and the lower risk of losing it.

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