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Mind mapping is a great way to quickly capture and organise thoughts.

iThoughtsX for Mac is one of the top mind mapping applications for OSX. As well as including a host of graphical elements to customise your mind maps, iThoughtsX has been optimised for rapid data entry using keyboard shortcuts.

This week, a new guest screencaster, Allison Sheridan, takes you through the basics of iThoughtsX on the Mac.

Be sure to check out this week's companion episode - SCOI0160 - iThoughtsHD for the iPad

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction to iThoughtsX
  • Creating Mind Maps
  • Formatting
  • Adding Graphics
  • Map Customisation
  • Map Layout
  • Notes, Hyperlinks & Numbering
  • Sharing

Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

Mitch Jackson

Nice overview of iThoughtsX ( and iThoughtsHD for iOS). I appreciated the export overview for presentation, markdown and document, since I have only used PDF and OPML to date. They have possibilities. Thanks Don and Allison.

Mike Grace

This is an excellent screencast - but it doesn't cover the one area I find really confusing - syncing the Mac and the iPad using DropBox. Any chance you'll be covering that, Allison?

Mark Mason

Great job. Also voting for coverage of maps that you want to edit on the Mac and on the iPad.

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