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Ulysses is a fantastic text editor for the Mac, iPad and iPhone. It allows you to create plain text documents or "sheets" and use markdown formatting to control the styling of your documents, allowing you to export them in a multitude of formats.

It's really simple to export to PDF, ePub, HTML, Text, DOCX and even publish direct to Medium from the Mac,iPad or iPhone.

As well as the wealth of formatting and exporting capabilities, Ulysses takes away the pain of managing your documents across all your devices. All your sheets are contained in a single Ulysses library, that syncs amazingly well with iCloud. It will even allow you to edit external files from a multitude of sources.

This first episode focuses on the basic principles of Ulysses and we will follow up in the next episode with a look at some of its more advanced features.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction
  • Working With The Library
  • Sheets - Creating & Formating
  • Quick Export
  • Working With Groups
  • Ulysses on the iPad
  • Creating and Editing Sheets on the iPad
  • Previewing & Exporting - iPad
  • Preferences & Groups - iPad
  • Ulysses on the iPhone

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Video Tutorial Comments

(8 comments posted)

Dawson David dawson

Great job, Don. I agree that this new version of Ulysses is terrific. I tried it several years ago but found it just a bit lacking in the look-and-feel department. It was solid, but it lacked the simple and intuitive flow that it now has apparently mastered.

As a recently retired writer and editor, I have 30-plus years of fighting deadlines and wondering why I didn't learn to do something sensible for a living. I think I've used every word processor and text editor under the sun, and most of them have become poorly disguised page layout environments in which words are seemingly an afterthought to the "important" things writers deal with, like kerning and hanging widows.

Not so with this new Ulysses. For the first time in ages, though, I'm actually excited about using a program. This may be a clever hidden feature -- most writers I know are both procrastinators and hypochondriacs, anxious to dodge deadlines whenever possible. So far, I really do look forward to firing up Ulysses and spilling some words on the screen. (FWIW, I have nothing at all to do with the Soul Men or Ulysses. Thought I'd better mention this because this is beginning to sound like really tired ad copy!)

As usual, you have demonstrated a bunch of features that I somehow overlooked (sheer laziness, I'm sure), and I'm eagerly looking forward to the next installment to see what else I've missed. Meanwhile, thanks again for another fine tutorial.

Dave in Memphis


Hi Dave, I had exactly the same feelings about the earlier versions but I think they've knocked it out of the park with the latest release.

Zeya Alikhan

Thanks Don for creating this tutorial! It is so timely as I am in the process of writing a book and was looking for a format that can work on the Mac and iPad.

Have you looked at creating a screencast for those who want to write a book, fiction or non-fiction and how Ulysses can best be used to accomplish this goal?


Hi Zeya, You might find next week's more advanced video useful. I cover show you can move, split and merge sheets when creating or editing a longer form document or even a book.


In follow up to this - check out this link for a recommendation

Ken Taylor

Thanks Don. Just in time for writing my first blog.

A question: Is there any way to add more icons to the icons?


Hi Ken, I don't believe there is a way in the current release. Perhaps a note to the developers as a feature request for a future version might be the way to go.

Luna Lestrange

I love Ulysses, but sadly I cannot buy it. Good screencast, though.

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