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Poe is a service that allows you to access many different AI services via a single user interface. Use the free service for a generous daily allowance of services or sign up for the optional subscription for increased access and performance. In this video, Don demonstrates the UI on both Mac and iPhone to access these services as well as accessing information-specific bots using Poe. After going through several of these built-in tools, he shows you how to create your own bot to act as an expert on your favourite applications.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Signing Up for Poe [00:01:13]
  • Assistant Bot [00:05:43]
  • Uploading Documents [00:09:31]
  • Web-Search [00:13:17]
  • Poe on the Mac [00:16:46]
  • StableDiffusionXL [00:18:36]
  • Sample Bots [00:22:08]
  • Creating an Acorn Bot [00:27:15]
  • Poe on iOS [00:33:29]

App Store Links:

Poe - App Store

Show Links:

Poe - Web Site

Poe - Download Page

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