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Tutorial Description

Since covering the Arc browser back in June and July of 2023, it has become Don's primary browser on the Mac and he has not looked back. With a relentless update cycle, The Browser Company has continued updating and refining Arc, adding in features and services.

In this update show, Don does a quick review of the basics of Arc, and then guides you through several of the new features that make this browser unique, with real world examples along the way.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Arc Basics & Toolbar [00:00:58]
  • Split View [00:06:40]
  • Sidebar [00:09:00]
  • Arc Max [00:10:22]
  • Ask on Page [00:13:05]
  • 5-Second Previews [00:14:22]
  • Tidy Downloads & Tabs [00:17:10]
  • ChatGPT [00:19:20]
  • Shared Collections [00:19:56]
  • Default Search Engine [00:28:15]

Show Links:

Arc Website

Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

Kurt Werstein

Not sure why this task keeps falling through the cracks, despite being reported and assured this would no longer occur going forward. Please link to any prior shows here that cover the Arc browser. The description even indicates there are prior shows that cover the browser. Only logical to link to them here.


Don McAllister

Hi Kurt,

If you tap on the Arc button below the tutorial description you’ll see a list of all shows connected with Arc. The buttons are tags and allow you to see related shows. We should make this clearer.


Kurt Werstein

I must admit, I did overlook the 'Arc' tag. This does indeed bring up the other shows, as you described. Thank you for pointing this out. I would add that there is some lack of uniformity in how related or referenced past shows are associated with new shows. To my knowledge, there have been direct hyperlinks, as well as this tag method. I think work needs to be done in how related content is exposed to the user. Note that I am viewing this content through a desktop browser.

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