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Tutorial Description

In this episode, Rosemary introduces you to Integromat, an online automation service which allows you to connect multiple apps and services.

As well as getting an overview of the system and its various options, you learn how to create scenarios and use the companion Integromat iOS app, which allows you to receive notifications.

The full tutorial covers

  • Sign Up & Pricing
  • Create a New Scenario
  • Favorites
  • Tools
  • Text Parser
  • Controls
  • Set Up the Trigger
  • Module Options
  • iOS App Setup
  • Connect Scenario to iOS App
  • Operations
  • Scenario Details
  • Dashboard & Scenarios
  • A More Complex Scenario
  • Using the Iterator
  • Adding an Action
  • The Map Function
  • Routers & Filtering
  • Fallback Route
  • Template Scenarios
  • Connections
  • Devices

App Store Links: iOS App Store

Show Links: Integromat

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