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There are a ton of to-do list apps out there, but none quite like Bento. Instead of giving you a bunch of tools and features to manage complex projects with countless tasks, Bento makes you work inside of forced limitations in an effort to help you manage your focus and do the work that really matters.

In this iPhone-focused screencast, Mike shows you how to use the included templates, and walks you through the available workflows so you get a good idea of the process. He also unpacks the Bento Methodology, which is the concept the Bento app is built upon, and shares useful resources to take your experience further.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installing Bento [00:01:14]
  • First Run Experience [00:02:40]
  • The Bento Interface [00:04:54]
  • Workflows [00:05:22]
  • Starting a Task [00:08:14]
  • Templates [00:11:06]
  • Additional Workflows [00:13:00]
  • Bento Box Options [00:18:25]
  • Settings & Themes [00:19:01]
  • Resetting a Workflow [00:22:27]
  • The Bento Method Course [00:23:23]
  • The Bento Method in Other Apps [00:26:09]

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Bento - App Store

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Bento - Home

The Bento Method

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