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Following last week's introductory episode, this second screencast delves deeper into the various apps and services being built around ChatGPT. As well as subscription-based web services, Don looks at MacGPT, an excellent native Mac and iOS app that integrates fully with ChatGPT using the inexpensive pay-as-you-go API. You get to see the app in action using both spoken as well as written out prompts from Don.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Content Creation Apps [00:02:45]
  • A Look at Jasper [00:04:23]
  • Code Generation [00:10:19]
  • Secret API Key [00:15:47]
  • MacGPT [00:18:52]
  • GeePeeTee on iOS [00:31:33]

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OpenAI - API Access - Billing Overview - Login Required


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