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There's a trend lately for productivity apps to switch to subscription-based pricing models. But Cron bucks the trend by offering a powerful calendar application for free. Owned by the makers of Notion, this app gives Google Calendar users some powerful features like scheduling snippets and calendar blocking without a recurring monthly fee.In this episode, Mike walks you through using Cron on the desktop, shows a bunch of useful keyboard shortcuts, and demo the scheduling snippet capabilities so you can use Cron links to book meetings more easily.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation [00:00:47]
  • Interface [00:03:43]
  • Calendar Views [00:05:49]
  • Custom Calendar Views [00:07:28]
  • Today Button [00:08:16]
  • Time Zones [00:08:46]
  • Creating Events [00:10:24]
  • Conferencing [00:13:05]
  • Quick Meet [00:14:37]
  • Command Menu [00:15:32]
  • Scheduling [00:17:04]
  • Menu Bar [00:21:33]
  • Schedule Blocking [00:23:45]
  • Settings [00:25:46]

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