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One thing all macOS users have in common is the need to interact with Finder when opening and saving files. Sometimes, the process of finding either the source folder for opening, or the destination one for saving can be laborious, involving a lot of pointing and clicking. Default Folder X allows you to streamline this experience, by sending you to default locations depending on the application or extension you are saving.

As well as this, Default Folder X now comes bundled with a Quick Search function, for getting to files, folders and applications quickly. Join Lee as he shows you around this long-standing feature-rich utility on the Mac.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Purchasing and Installing [00:00:47]
  • Open and Save Dialogues [00:03:37]
  • Favourites [00:05:43]
  • Opening Files [00:10:12]
  • Recent Folders and Files [00:10:52]
  • Using Finder Windows [00:12:16]
  • Default Folders [00:13:23]
  • Utility Button [00:17:55]
  • Drag Zone [00:18:56]
  • Tags, Comments and Actions [00:22:30]
  • Folder Sets [00:24:32]
  • Menu Settings [00:28:49]
  • Quick Search [00:30:33]
  • Default Folder X Settings [00:32:31]

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Default Folder X - Product Site

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