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Drafts is where text starts on iOS. It's a powerful application that allows you to quickly capture what's on your mind, then process and send that text just about anywhere on iOS. Version 5 of Drafts was released recently, bringing many new features and a revamp of the user interface.

In this first tutorial, Mike shows you how to get up and running with Drafts 5 by walking you through the interface and demoing several of the built-in actions included with the free version. He also explains how to modify and edit custom Actions (Pro feature), walks you through the different Modes and Settings, and goes over using the Messages and Apple Watch apps.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Getting Started with Drafts
  • Basic Actions
  • Drafts Interface
  • Tags
  • Filters
  • Search
  • Focus Mode
  • Arrange Mode
  • Link Mode
  • Appearance Settings
  • Settings
  • Spotlight Indexing
  • Reminders Import
  • Share Extension
  • Editing Actions
  • Action Groups
  • Installing Actions
  • Adding Groups of Actions
  • Creating Actions from Scratch
  • Selectable Action Inputs
  • Tasks in Drafts
  • Templates & Tags
  • Messages App
  • Apple Watch

This tutorial is followed by a second part - Drafts v5 - Part 2 where Mike takes a deeper dive into using the various Export actions available in Drafts

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Templates & Tags

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Gunnar Larsson

Excellent video!
Please, continue on this course with a deeper discussion of Actions.


Kurt Werstein

I second Gunnar Larsson's sentiment, i.e. "Please, continue on this course with a deeper discussion of Actions."

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