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In the first video of a two-part series, Lee starts to take a deep dive into the new version of Fantastical, by Flexibits. Fantastical 3 has added a lot of premium features and in this screencast, you learn how to get started with the application on all platforms. First by understanding the new licensing model, installing the app, and adding calendar accounts.

Lee also goes over creating and editing new events, adding calendars within an account, how to create Calendar Sets, as well as subscribing to external calendars that focus on your key interests.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Flexibits Licence Model
  • Installation on macOS
  • Interface and Calendar Views
  • Adding & Editing Events
  • iOS Interface First Look
  • Adding Events on iOS
  • Editing Events on iOS
  • Adding Calendar Accounts
  • Adding Calendar to Existing Account
  • Calendar Sets
  • Interesting Calendars

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Mac App Store

iOS App Store

Show Links:

Fantastical Home Page

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Lee Garrett

Hey Garry - many thanks! It's all dependant on where the calendar is hosted. If it's within a cloud service (iCloud/Google/Office 365 etc) then it's the cloud service that manages the sharing of the calendar - not Fantastical 3 itself and that's the main use case for it rather than local calendars - although that too is an option (that I need to brush up on in truth :) ) - you stay safe too in which ever part of the world you are in. Sun is shining here so we're smiling as we admire it through the window!

Gary Warrick

HI LEE, Great job on the video. Question: I share a calendar with my wife between 2 mac's, can I link a calendar using fantastical 3? Does she also have to have fantastical 3 to share events? Thanks buddy have a great day, stay safe.

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