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In this screencast, you take a deep dive into using Focus Modes on the Mac as well as iOS. Don looks at the basic features on both platforms, and shows you a neat way to create custom home screens for your iOS devices, that are based on the Focus mode you select.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Accessing Focus Modes [00:01:01]
  • Configuring Focus Modes [00:03:52]
  • Home Screen Configuration on iOS [00:09:30]
  • Synchronized Switching [00:13:14]

Video Tutorial Comments

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Mickey Tee

I have an iPhone 12 running iOS 15, but my MacBook Pro is a 2013 Retina running Mojave. (I've avoided upgrading to Catalina because of app compatibility - plus all the negative forum posts about Catalina).
This screencast seems to 'only' deal with devices running the latest O/S?... (which is useless to me).
I wanted more focus on the iPhone 'focus' modes, but it's only covered briefly here.


Don Mcallister

As Focus Mode was released as part of macOS Monterey and IOS15, it seems reasonable to cover on these platforms. The basic concepts of Focus Mode is replicated across both iPhone and Mac so the principles explained on the Mac should help will using it on the iPhone.

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