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Goodnotes is out with a major new version that adds AI superpowers to an already phenomenal analog note-taking app. In this visual tour of of what's new in Goodnotes 6, Mike walks you through the fancy new features like analog spellchecking, Word Complete, and AI Math Assistance, so you can decide for yourself if it's worth the upgrade.The full tutorial covers:

  • First Run [00:01:47]
  • Handwriting Samples [00:03:22]
  • Notebook Options [00:04:54]
  • Create Notebook [00:05:46]
  • Audio Recorder [00:09:59]
  • Keyboard [00:12:38]
  • AI Text Features [00:13:44]
  • Analog Spellcheck [00:18:38]
  • Pen Tool Editing [00:21:05]
  • Word Complete [00:21:46]
  • Convert Math Formulas [00:22:54]
  • AI Math Assistance [00:23:40]
  • Goodnotes on the Mac [00:26:27]

App Store Links:

Goodnotes 6 for Mac

Goodnotes 6 for iOS

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Goodnotes - Home



Video Tutorial Comments

(6 comments posted)

John Russell

The captions are filling the screen blocking out the video!


Don McAllister

Hey John, That's not right! Can you let me know how you are accessing the videos. If on Safari you may need to switch off the inbuilt captioning.


Jerome Mersky

Hi, I'm having the same problem as John.

I am using Safari on my iMac and, if I use the Safari captioning button at the bottom of the screen, I can see its small captioning down at the bottom of the video screen. The large font, screen filling, obliterating captions just keep rolling along either way.

If there is a Safari "inbuilt captioning" that might be the issue, could you tell us how to switch that off. I have not turned on the captioning ability in Accessibility so I don't think that is an issue here.

btw, I do not have this problem on my iPad.

Thank you

John Russell

This is the **only time in many years** that this problem has occurred for me on Safari. (Tried to paste a screenshot of the problem but it doesn't take it here.) It's OK on Chrome, so no big deal. But seeing that Jerome is having the same experience, I suspect there's some little glitch at your end. Or, FWIW, I just updated Ventura a couple of days ago.


Don McAllister

Can you try following these instructions to see if that clears it -

I'm assuming it's a local config problem as I'm not seeing it.

Jerome Mersky

Yes, that works for me.
Thank you.

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