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In this video, Lee continues his coverage of Hazel, by Noodlesoft. Lee builds on what was covered in Part 1 by looking at how Hazel is used to keep your desktop lean with its Trash monitoring. You also learn about App Sweep, monitoring specific folders, as well how to import and export your Hazel rules to sync them with other machines and users. Lee also shows you a real world example that uses both Hazel and the venerable Automator app.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Hazel Preferences [00:00:36]
  • Weekly Cleanup [00:04:17]
  • App Sweep [00:08:44]
  • Folder Groups [00:10:52]
  • Importing & Exporting Rules [00:13:00]
  • Syncing Rules [00:15:08]
  • Folder Options [00:17:03]
  • Monitoring Smart Folders [00:18:17]
  • Emailing using Hazel and Automator [00:23:15]
  • Attributes and Actions Summary [00:27:29]

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Video Tutorial Comments

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Asterion Maze

Hazel seems to a bunch of features in search of a use model. I have watched both videos — which are great — but because your use model does not match mine (i.e. I don't have to do my own taxes / invoice filing!), I can't really see why Hazel would be of use to me.
I'll have a hunt around on YouTube to see if I can find any inspiration (i.e. use examples that ring a bell with me).

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