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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is accelerating at an unheard-of pace, with new apps and services being released and updated almost daily! It's all too easy to become swamped and not even know where to begin.

In this episode, Don starts your AI journey with an introductory look at one of the most popular AI services: ChatGPT. From creating an account to generating your own prompts and building on them, you are guided through some real-world examples to whet your appetite and give you an appreciation of the potential of this amazing technology.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction to ChatGPT [00:03:42]
  • Constructing Prompts [00:11:31]
  • Example Ideas - Content Creation [00:15:12]
  • Example Ideas - Email [00:22:12]
  • Travel Itineraries [00:24:51]

Show Links:

OpenAI - ChatGPT

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Janet MacKenzie

Succinct and really helpful; I now have a much better idea of the possible uses of ChatGPT. Looking forward to Part 2. Thanks, Don!


Don McAllister

Thanks Janet. The whole field of AI is blowing up so I'm sure we will explore more after part 2!


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