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Microsoft Edge offers an alternative to Safari on the Mac. Sync your passwords, favourites, as well as your settings across multiple devices. After downloading and setting up Edge, you dive into many of its features alongside Richard, including its browsing features tailored to the Mac, using tabs and collections, and more.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Downloading and Installing [00:01:22]
  • Setup and Preferences [00:04:32]
  • Settings [00:08:09]
  • Browsing in Edge [00:15:38]
  • Organizing Tabs [00:20:29]
  • Web Capture & Markup Features [00:25:50]
  • Accessibility Features [00:29:46]

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Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

Kurt Werstein

SCO Customer support indicates there are users requesting these various Microsoft product tutorials. Could someone chime in here who found this tutorial of use to them?


Kurt Werstein

I do see 44 plays and 2 likes. So, I guess someone is interested.


JF Brissette

Hi Kurt,

I'm replying to your comment in Microsoft Edge. Color me interested as I really enjoyed discovering another browser, one that feels modern and has a different arrangement on a familiar tune. I've made it my default browser for the time being, so let's see where that takes me. It's been nice so far.

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