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There are many times when you have an idea and thought that is not fully formed and you need a space to think it through and connect the dots. These types of situations are perfect for a mind mapping application like MindNode.

MindNode is an application we have covered in the past but has had so many features added across both Mac and iOS versions that we felt we needed to do a MindNode Revisited show. In this screencast Todd Olthoff uses MindNode to handle the aspects of his own home remodel and finds that the application can handle everything he needs to get the job done and does it well across all his devices.

As an aside, MindNode is available for both macOS and iOS as part of a Setapp subscription

The full tutorial covers:

  • Pricing and Device Options
  • First Launch and Preferences
  • Creating Mind Maps on iOS
  • Folding Nodes & Tasks
  • Adding Stickers
  • Customizing the Look
  • Focus Mode
  • Adding Notes & Photos
  • Connections & Tags
  • Outline View
  • Exporting & Sharing
  • Quick Entry
  • Tags, Outline & Sharing on iOS

App Store Links:

MindNode Mac App Store

MindNode iOS App Store

Show Links:

MindNode - Features


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