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In this video Rosemary walks you through the newest version of NetNewsWire on the Mac and iPad. After getting a tour of the user interface, you learn how to add news feeds, organise them into folders, and sync all your content between your Mac and iOS devices using Feedbin. The full tutorial covers

  • Touring the Mac Interface
  • Setting Up Feedbin Account
  • NetNewsWire Menus
  • Organize Feeds With Folders
  • Go Menu Shortcuts
  • Customize Toolbar
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • iPad User Interface
  • Filtering on iOS
  • iPad Settings
  • Timeline Layout
  • Accounts
  • Import Feeds
  • Shortcuts on iPadOS

App Store Links:

NetNewsWire - NetNewsWire

Show Links:

NetNewsWire - Ranchero

Mac Help - NetNewsWire Site

iOS Help - NetNewsWire Site

NetNewsWire Code - GitHub



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