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We've been spoiled with the quality of Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) applications recently. One such app that has been around for a while is NotePlan.

NotePlan has some great features found in similar products, such as backlinking, Daily Notes and utilising Markdown syntax to create your notes. It does, however, bring some new ideas to the table, such as integrating with your calendar to allow you to timeblock directly from the interface, using ChatGPT to answer queries in-line and also introduces the concept of weekly, monthly, even annual notes to keep you on track with your goals. Join Lee for a thorough look at this modern PKM solution.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Pricing [00:00:41]
  • Daily Notes [00:06:02]
  • Folding Headers [00:10:09]
  • Working with Tasks [00:10:42]
  • Using the Calendar [00:15:35]
  • Timeblocking [00:16:20]
  • Reference Notes [00:19:17]
  • Linking Reference Notes [00:26:53]
  • More Note Actions [00:28:51]
  • The Command Bar [00:30:29]
  • Search and Filters [00:32:41]
  • Date Automations [00:35:35]
  • Creating Templates [00:36:43]
  • Preferences [00:37:50]
  • Using AI [00:40:22]
  • Plugins [00:41:11]
  • Sync [00:41:41]
  • File Preferences [00:41:54]

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