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Countless apps exists that aim to help you build better habits and use your phone in a healthier way. The app 'one sec' takes it a step further by putting a buffer between you and the unhealthy apps you're trying to break away from. Take a breath, think, and get shown a link to an alternative before actually being able to access apps that are causing you to be less productive. Darcy shows you how to make 'one sec' work for you.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Introduction [00:00:00]
  • Pricing & Setup [00:02:57]
  • Intervention [00:07:01]
  • Intentional App Switching [00:10:20]
  • "Don't Get Lost" Notifications [00:12:27]
  • Healthy Alternatives [00:13:02]
  • Intention Tracking [00:17:43]
  • Intervention Scheduling [00:19:32]
  • Blocking Schedule [00:20:13]
  • Morning Countdown [00:21:01]
  • Focus Filters [00:21:38]
  • Website Blocking [00:22:48]
  • Blocking Apple and Websites Altogether [00:24:22]
  • Custom Apps [00:24:51]
  • Sync with HealthKit [00:26:28]
  • one sec on macOS [00:26:57]

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