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In his first Friday episode with ScreenCastsOnline, Darcy brings us a utility he's especially fond of, and that's Raycast. Built with Apple's Spotlight as the inspiration for many of its features, it also introduces novelty ways to perform common tasks on your Mac using Extensions. Darcy shows you several of his favourites, many of which involve popular applications such as Zoom and Apple Music. You also how you can use hotkeys in Raycast to make working on your Mac even more fluid.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation and Setup [00:02:14]
  • Time and Date [00:03:20]
  • Calculator [00:04:54]
  • Clipboard History & Snippets [00:06:25]
  • Floating Notes [00:08:09]
  • Window Management [00:09:04]
  • System Control [00:10:26]
  • Hotkeys in Raycast [00:11:08]
  • The Raycast Store [00:13:16]
  • YouTube Extension First Look [00:14:38]
  • Configuring YouTube Extension [00:15:33]
  • Zoom Extension [00:18:55]
  • Password Generator [00:20:48]
  • Easy New File [00:21:37]
  • Obsidian Extension [00:23:08]
  • Timers [00:23:54]
  • Apple Music Extension [00:24:31]
  • World Clock [00:25:08]
  • IMDb & JustWatch [00:25:39]
  • Play Snake! [00:26:34]
  • Putting It All Together [00:26:50]

Video Tutorial Comments

(2 comments posted)

Allison Sheridan

This was fantastic, Darcy. I've been giving Raycast a play for a couple of weeks and preparing to write about it for my own show. Tackling such a deep app is always tough, but you threaded the needle perfectly of showing us enough to understand the tool but not too much so as to get overwhelmed. You skipped repeated steps (such as installing extensions) with graceful screen inserts as transitions for each one you demonstrated which allowed you to cover even more. Everything was clear and well explained.


Darcy Hegarty

Thanks so much Allison! I really appreciate the feedback! That was my first full show and it’s great to hear how it landed ????

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