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Read-it-Later services have been around for a long time. But few are providing any real innovation. Readwise aims to do so by offering a service that not only helps you get more out of what you read, and Readwise Reader provides a fresh take on RSS. Using his iPhone, Mike shows you how to set up both apps. He walks you through the Library and Feed options in Reader, shows you the various ways to send things to it (including YouTube videos), and how your highlights sync to Readwise automatically. This allows you to review information later and help it stick using a variety of tools.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Library & Reading Workflow [00:01:13]
  • Audio Playback [00:03:25]
  • Notes & Tags [00:05:40]
  • Ghostreader [00:06:51]
  • Customizing Styles [00:08:56]
  • Highlighting [00:10:03]
  • Search [00:12:11]
  • Inbox Sorting & Bulk Actions [00:13:16]
  • Account Settings [00:14:53]
  • The Feed [00:18:04]
  • Views [00:20:02]
  • Adding Feeds [00:20:34]
  • Sending Things to Reader [00:21:21]
  • Playing Video [00:22:25]
  • Home [00:24:12]
  • Global Search [00:25:02]
  • Readwise [00:25:59]
  • Shareable Highlights [00:28:00]
  • Flashcards [00:29:59]
  • All About Highlights [00:32:01]
  • Profile & Settings [00:34:04]

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