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When the New Year rolls around, building new habits — or breaking old ones — is an exercise many of us undertake. Using an application can help with this and Repeat by Lab11, a software company that specializes in producing wellbeing applications, can be a wonderful companion.

Available on the Mac App Store and through Setapp, Repeat doesn't just track your habits, it also goes to great lengths to explain the science behind how habits are formed.

The full tutorial covers:

  • First Look & Setting Up [00:00:26]
  • Track Your Mood [00:06:48]
  • Wellbeing Checklist [00:07:54]
  • Settings [00:08:32]

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Repeat on Setapp


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Jason Schwope

This is exactly like the app Habits by Lab11 apps.


Jason Schwope

Henry. Not Habits.

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