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Those of you who liked Wunderlist back in the day are going to be happy, because the developer is back with a lovely application called Superlist. As you would expect, there is a lot of attention to detail and one of the features that elevates Superlist above competitors is its flexibility.Whilst there is a Pro tier available, everything you see in this video is free; Superlist provides one of the most generous free tiers out there. After setting up an account, Lee shows you how to create and customise lists, create tasks, share and collaborate with others, and much more.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Installation and Pricing [00:00:39]
  • Interface [00:04:33]
  • Working with Lists [00:09:43]
  • Using the Sidebar [00:16:04]
  • Aggregate Lists [00:17:49]
  • Superlist Quick Commands [00:20:14]
  • Sharing and Collaboration [00:21:13]
  • Integrations [00:25:42]
  • Messages [00:31:39]

App Store Links:

Superlist - iOS App Store

Show Links:

Superlist Website

Video Tutorial Comments

(4 comments posted)

Jim Leff

Looks great. I’ll wait to adopt though, as there is currently a serious sync problem causing multiple users data loss

Lee Garrett

Thanks for the comment Jeff. I used it for a week just for running my household chores as a way of kicking the tyres in the real world and I didn't experience any sync issues myself, and this was after that post was made that you reference, however of course should be careful as don't want any sync issues and data loss. If that's still happening then I hope they sort it soon as it's a great app - I'm sure they will, but stay vigilant.

Thanks again - always good to know our members have their ears to the ground.


Jim Leff

I'm afraid I may not share your optimism. iOS App Store reviews include multiple complaints back to early February - with no response or disclosure from the company anywhere that I see.
This spine-tingler is representative:

Lee Garrett

Thanks for confirming that Jeff. My experiences were fine and I hope I'm not in the minority with that. Will look to reach out to the developer I think.

Very much appreciate the feedback there,.

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