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TextExpander 6 from Smile includes some incredibly powerful tools to increase your productivity when typing on your Mac. In this Foundation tutorial, Allison starts out slowly introducing simple text expansion snippets to bring the beginners up to speed. Then she quickly accelerates and moves into advanced topics such as nesting snippets, doing math on dates, and fill-in snippets.

You learn how to subscribe to other people's shared snippet groups as well as sharing your own. Each step of the tutorial builds on previous knowledge in a way that brings everyone up to speed for maximum productivity. TextExpander is likely to provide you with the highest productivity boost of any app you can install on your Mac.

The full tutorial covers

  • Pricing
  • First Launch
  • Formatted Text & Pictures
  • Formatted Text
  • Date Math
  • Nested Snippets
  • Fill-ins
  • Popup Fill-ins
  • Popup with Nested Snippet
  • Reset Date Adjustment
  • Tabs & Cursor Position
  • Lists and Tables
  • Code and Clipboard
  • Case Sensitivity
  • Snippet Search
  • Snippet from Selection
  • Snippet from Clipboard
  • Groups
  • Expand When
  • Prefix for Groups
  • Public Groups
  • Print Snippet Groups
  • Sort Within Groups
  • Preferences: Expansion
  • Preferences: Options & Suggestions
  • Preferences: Hotkeys
  • Preferences: Appearance
  • Preferences: Account & Update

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(2 comments posted)

ian frost

How do you deal with the constant conflict of Textexpander and 1Password. Whenever I use 1PW Textexpander then tells me its disabled and I have to quit and restart it.

Allison Sheridan

Not sure why this question is posted twice, but I'll give a little bit of insight. 1Password has strict security policies surrounding it, for which we should be quite grateful. One of them is that a key logger can't grab your password and I think 1P sees TextExpander as something like a keylogger. In my experience, the conflict between the two is very temporary and the two applications respect each other's domain quite well. I do remember a time where this happened quite often and they stayed in conflict until TextExpander was quit and restarted. I'm not sure if it was only remedied in the latest version maybe? If you continue to have trouble, I'd talk to the application developers (Smile for TextExpander and Agilebits for 1Password) as I don't work for either company.

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