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Obsidian is a powerful app, but it doesn't make it easy to capture things on iOS. Opening Obsidian requires your whole vault and all the associated plugins need to load, so until the developers add an improved workflow for mobile quick capture, iPhone users are left to figure out something using third-party apps. Funnel makes it easy to capture things quickly to Obsidian, including images — even if you don't use iCloud to sync your data. In this short video, Mike shows you how Funnel can assist you with quick capture of text and images in Obsidian, but it can also be used with several other apps to perform the same task.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Setting a Capture Destination [00:02:06]
  • Capturing Text [00:07:24]
  • Capturing Media [00:08:32]
  • Conclusion [00:10:03]

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Funnel: Quick Capture

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