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Sometimes we all need a little help making positive changes and establishing new habits.

In this week's tip, Mike shows you how Productive for iOS can help you build a regular routine of life-changing habits. Learn how to start creating positive habits, track and analyze your progress with statistics, and set reminders to help make your positive changes stick.

The full tutorial covers

  • Creating Habits
  • Life Log
  • Boost Mode

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Video Tutorial Comments

(3 comments posted)

David Bennett

Can a habit be set to twice a day every day?


Mike Schmitz

Yes, you can select which time periods you want the habit to occur in (morning, afternoon, evening). So if you select all 3, you can have it remind you to do the habit up to 3 times per day.

David Bennett

Thanks Mike,
I am thinking of someone who needs a daily reminder, twice a day, to take tablets. She uses her Apple calendar and it works, but it clogs up the calendar with what are essentially the same reminders over and over again.

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