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Slidepad is a fantastic utility for your Mac. It allows you to have all of your most commonly used websites, webapps, documents, PDFs and more in a super useful slide-out panel.

Inspired by the Slide Over feature on iPadOS, Slidepad appears with a keyboard shortcut or by moving your cursor to either edge of your screen. It's easy to configure and is a great boon to productivity.

In this week's tip video, Don takes you through the setup and usage of Slidepad.

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Slidepad - Setapp

Slidepad - Developer

Video Tutorial Comments

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David Bennett

At 02:08 there is a caption overlaid on a comment "Moving the cursor to the right edge..." - I can't get the captioning to go off. I clicked the CC 'Captions Off' and nothing changes. I seem to recall this 'problem' before and there was some trick to turning off captioning, but I can't recall what it is.

David Bennett

Thanks Don, that did it.

Tommy Weir

I've been using it to stream Apple Music. Subscribers who aren't on Catalina and have to play via iTunes can use the beta Apple Music site accessed using SlidePad -


Don McAllister

What a cool tip - Thanks Tommy!

Tommy Weir

Pocket Casts too for the Plus members, you can access the player there too. I quite like using it for media and social sites, like a set of apps you regularly use or check but on your Mac.

Anne-Marie Helwaser

I was not able to set up neither global hotkey to pop up the slide ( did not work when I selected the keys) and I did not understand how you get command and 1, 2, 3, etc for the ones you have installed.
thank you!


Don McAllister

Hi Anne-Marie, it may be that the global hotkeys are already assigned to another app? Try a different set of keys. The command 1,2,3,4 options are built into the app so these should work. You may need to contact the developer to troubleshoot this.

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