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The Xencelabs Quick Keys is a hardware device designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflows. It features customizable buttons and a dial that can be programmed to execute specific commands, shortcuts, or macros in various software applications. In this tip video, Lee shares how he's able to optimize his workflow and save time while he's on location working on projects with his clients.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Product Overview [00:01:04]
  • First Run [00:02:58]
  • Configuring the Dial [00:04:16]
  • Configuring Sets [00:05:59]
  • Other Customisation [00:09:18]

Video Tutorial Comments

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Bill Bowman

I have had the Xencelabs Medium Bundle for a couple of years now. I've owned Wacom and XP-Pen products over the years and in my opinion the Xencelabs products are a stand-out. The Quick Keys device is incredibly useful, even when I'm not using my drawing tablet. It has definitely streamlined my video editing in ScreenFlow…and I agree, the battery life is outstanding! I highly recommend Xencelabs.


Lee Garrett

Thats good to know Bill. I am a loooong way away from needing anything like a drawing tablet (my artistic skills are more than feeble!) so I'll never probably know how good the other Xencelabs stuff is, but I love my Quick Keys device and glad you like it too.

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