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In this tutorial, Rosemary walks you through Unibox, a modern email client for Mac and iOS.

Unibox's fresh approach groups your emails by sender rather than chronologically. Alongside many of the things you would expect of your mail program, it incorporates unique features. These include an attachment view which you can filter by type, a clever way to compose emails and keep track of your drafts in one window, as well as flexible swipe gestures on iOS so you can quickly process your inbox.

The full tutorial covers

  • Free Trial for Mac
  • Mac Setup
  • Mac User Interface
  • Mac Preferences
  • Accounts
  • Signatures
  • Mac Extras
  • Unibox on iPad
  • Unibox on iPhone

App Store Links: Unibox - iOS App Store Unibox - Mac App Store

Show Links: Unibox - Setapp Unibox - Website

Video Tutorial Comments

(5 comments posted)

Richard Bruning

In checking the reviews in the App Store for this app, there's a great contrast to the responses. 1 star or 5, very little in between. It is frequently noted that people haven't been able to get support or even a response from the company that makes it. It makes me cautious about investing time and my emails to it. Also, on the Unibox website, it notes it works with everything up through High Sierra 10.13. Uh, we're all up on 10.15 for the most part. Any insights?


Don McAllister

Hi Richard, The app is current now and is also available in the SetApp subscription. So it's supported up to the current release of macOS. The fact that it's covered by ScreenCastsOnline usually means it's a stable app that has proved to be useful for the purposes it was intended. It's no guarantee of the longevity of an app. We're just flagging it up as a potentially useful app.

Alan Greene

I'd also like to know how Rosemary feels comfortable recommending an email client that hasn't been updated since October 2018. Do you know something that we don't?


Rosemary Orchard

Hi Alan. The app is part of the Setapp suite, and on their app page (linked below the summary) has 4.5 stars with 915 reviews. I've been using it for several months now and am very happy with the performance.


Don McAllister

Hi Alan, we recommend apps based on their functionality not on how regularly they are updated. The app is currently available in the Mac App Store and in SetApp. It provides a unique approach to email management and is something we flagged as potentially useful to members. As always, we can offer no guarantee on the future roadmap of the app, as all of our tutorials are done independently of the vendor.

If anyone feels uncomfortable using an app based on the last time it was updated, there's plenty of other email clients out there!

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