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There are times when you just don't want to use a cloud service to sync your important documents such as financial or business records. This is when local sync can help by syncing all your files on your server, while still having them accessible on your iOS devices on the go.

In this screencast, Todd walks you through setting up local sync on both Mac and iPad, using Bonjour and WebDAV.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Start [00:00:00]
  • Local Sync on Mac [00:01:09]
  • Using WebDAV [00:02:34]
  • Local Sync on iPad [00:04:16]
  • Wrap Up [00:07:14]

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Video Tutorial Comments

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Mickey Tee

Thanks for the tutorial. It cost me quite a bit of frustration and research, chasing this around the web, to finally crack this code for myself a few weeks ago. It's good to see you address it - finally. I joined SCO mainly on this premise... and I was surprised it wasn't covered in previous DT3 tutorials.

The 'options' for sync'ing with DT3 are disappointingly limited IMHO. I'm grateful that DropBox is an option, but flabbergasted that using something like Microsoft 365, or other online options are NOT available. I've read the reasons why, (and don't fully understand it), but a $1,000 NAS drive (plus ongoing electricity costs) has been a quantum leap, I haven't been able to justify yet. (Not to mention the myriad of options).

I'd be curious to create a database, surveying every tutorial in the library.... to count the number of times people on these tutorials say, "go ahead"... for some reason, this phrase 'grates' on me... I'd hazard a guess, it was mentioned in this tutorial alone... maybe 10 x times?

As if to 'pre-announce' what I'm obviously about to do...... I'll just "go ahead" and let myself out now...

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