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Focus Modes have been a part of our Apple devices since 2021, yet find a little resistance among the more casual user. They can look a little complex to set up and as a result many people simply don't use them.In this video, Lee explains what Focus Modes are and how to set them up on both iOS and the Mac. You learn how to configure notifications for both people and applications, set up automatic schedules as well as Focus filters. Lee also offers some inspiration by sharing a few of his custom Focus Modes, that you use as a starting point for your own.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Configuring People Notifications [00:02:19]
  • Adding Favourites to Contacts [00:04:18]
  • Allowing Repeated Calls [00:04:57]
  • Configuring App Notifications [00:05:20]
  • Notification Options [00:06:57]
  • Customise Lock & Home Screens [00:07:47]
  • Customising Watch Face [00:11:49]
  • Scheduling Focus Modes [00:13:14]
  • Focus Filters [00:15:28]
  • Template Focus Modes [00:18:18]
  • Custom Focus Modes on Mac [00:20:58]
  • Sample Focus Modes [00:23:53]

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