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With over 230 apps to choose from, Setapp is a no-brainer subscription service for Mac and iOS. In this show, Don gives a brief overview of 8 utilities that are offered in Setapp, and that he uses daily to enhance his computing experience.

The full tutorial covers:

  • Setapp App [00:00:54]
  • CleanShot X [00:03:54]
  • Bartender [00:10:43]
  • CleanMyMac X [00:14:25]
  • TextSoap [00:18:48]
  • Workspaces [00:22:07]
  • iStat Menus [00:23:27]
  • Default Folder X [00:25:57]

Show Links:

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ScreenCastsOnline Search - Workspaces

ScreenCastsOnline Search - iStat Menus

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